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About Paradigm Realty Advisors - Tulsa Commercial Office Space / Tulsa Commercial Office Space

4500 South Garnett, Suite #220
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146

Telephone: (918) 665-1900
Fax: (918) 665-1902

Tulsa Commercial Office Space

Paradigm Realty Advisors

Paradigm Realty Advisors, L.L.C. (PRA) is your most reliable souce if you are looking for Tulsa commercial real estate companies. We manage Tulsa Commercial Properties and develop residential projects in the Greater Tulsa area. Over the past 12 years this has included managing up to 14 Tulsa Office Buildings comprising over 1.5 million square feet of Tulsa Office Space in any one year and development of over 600 acres of residential communities. Currently PRA leases and manages nine Tulsa Commercial Real Estate Buildings accounting for approximately 1.1 million square feet and three residential developments that contain nearly 500 Tulsa Office Suites & lots. The company employs 25 individuals that provide Tulsa Office Leasing and property management, systems operations and maintenance, building upkeep and tenant construction services.

All of our Commercial Tulsa Office Spaces are in easily traveled transportation corridors and leasing costs are aggressively competitive. The company is geared to provide a level of customer service that greatly exceeds the market expectations of Tulsa. Contact us for your commercial Tulsa office space needs at 918-665-1900 or through this website. If you are in the market for a newly constructed house or are interested in building your own home, visit our other website at http://www.brokenarrowlots.com